<header> <h2>Great for sports - Music and Sport Mix Playlists</h2> <strong>Sennheiser/Adidas Sport Headphones - Sport Earphones - Sport Earbuds</strong> </header> <article> <img src="facebook/facebook_big.png" alt="5forsports.com" width="90" height="90" /> <p><h1>Sennheiser/Adidas Sport - The Headphones - Earphones and Earbuds</h1></p> <h4>Perfect fit</h4> <h4>Unique water resistance</h4> <h4>Practical volume control</h4> <h4>Dynamic sound</h4> <h4>Sturdy cables</h4> <p>When you have to react quicly to unexpected obstacles, the earphones remain firmly in you ear.</p> <p>Whether beads of sweat or drops of rain, no water penetrates the diaphragm; only the perfect sound is let through. An extension cable with plug and integrated volume control is included in the scope of delivery as standard. Motivated from head to toe: the clear and powerful sound will drive you all the way to the finish line. The cable are reinfoced with Kevlar and remain flexible and resistant even under extreme conditions and temperatures as low as -10°.</p> <h1>5 for Sports</h1> <h2>What do people listen when they training?</h2> <h2>Music Sport mix Playlist - 5 FOR SPORTS</h2> <h3>- Running Playlist</h3> <h3>- Jogging Playlist</h3> <h3>- Walking Playlist</h3> <h3>- Workouts Playlist</h3> <h3>- Gym Playlist</h3> <h3>- Aerobic Playlist</h3> <h3>- Fitness Playlist</h3> <h3>- Weight Lifting Playlist</h3> <h3>- Cross Training Playlist</h3> <h3>- Skating Playlist</h3> <h3>- Cycling Playlist</h3> <h3>- Snowboarding Playlist</h3> <h3>- Yoga Playlist</h3> <p>We hope to discoover the answer to this question by Minight CET on November 30, 2010 through our unique survey for athletes from all over the word.</p> <p>Be part of our search for the <b>ultimate training playlist</b> and send us your own <u>top 5 tracks!</u></p> <h4>The Playlists of the pros</h4> <p>What do sports pros listen while training? These athletes and musicians know that their performance can be enhanced with the right sound. Select one and listen to their favorite songs for the five training phases.</p> <h4>Playlists Create</h4> <p>Which songs drive you?</p> <p>Tell us your favorite song for each of the five training phases for the chance to win one of 250 instant prizes:</p> <p>A gift voucher for sports equipment worth 5,555 Euros!</p> <p>Once we have processed the information submitted by every entrant, the running</p> <h3>+ Double your chance of winning!</h3> <h4>10 x Sennheiser Headphones</h4> <h4>10 x Ipod Shuffles</h4> <h4>10 x Itunes vouchers, each worth 25 Euros</h4> <h4>20 x Adidas miCoach Pacers</h4> <h4>30 x Sennheiser CX 680 Sports Earphones</h4> <h4>30 x Sennheiser OMX 680 Sports Earphones</h4> <h4>30 x Sennheiser PMX 680 Sports Headphones</h4> <h4>30 x Sennheiser MX 680 Sports Earphones</h4> <h4>30 x adidas watches</h4> <h4>50 x adidas backpacks</h4> <h4>+ Running song finder</h4> <p>Find your personal running song</p> <p>Ask our running sound finder to recommend songs that your running speed and your taste in music</p> <p>Running speed:</p> <p>Musical genre:</p> <p>Or name one of your favorite running songs</p> <h4>Genre</h4> <p>You should select music that you like, but the songs should also match the way you want to feel. Techno and house music can induce a euphoric state of mind, while hard rock may inspire so positive aggression to give you that motivational push.</p> <h4>Songs lyrics</h4> <p>Even the lyrics of your songs can influence you mood and therefore your performance in a positive way, Songs that encourage you "not to give up" or "to be strong" help you to run further, even over longer distance.</p> </article>

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